Small Business Marketing Basics Home Study Course

Step by step course for creating your unique market position, marketing message, choosing the right marketing media, gathering customer testimonials, creating an advertising plan, and implementing customer retention techniques to improve your bottom line. Over 1,000 entrepreneurs have purchased this course on and now you can get it for FREE!

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*Over 1,000 people have taken Small Business Marketing Basics course at! It retails for $197 (here and on but we will give you FREE instant online access. Just enter your information above and begin using the course in minutes.



Customer ReviewsProduct DetailsWho’s It For?Karen & Steve Simko
 – Yellow Creek Sausage Company


“After reviewing the program, we now have the knowledge, tools and resources to help start and build our business. Just knowing after completing step #1 that we have a unique market position makes all of our efforts worthwhile. We encourage every small business owner, new or established to review Gregg’s program and you too will come away with helpful resources and tips to grow your business and retain customers.”

Matthew Romero – Review

“Great Perspective on Marketing”

“I’m just starting a business and once I started this course I stayed until I finished (4 in the morning)! Very useful without fluff and the printouts make following along and taking notes helpful so I can put the information into action. I defiantly recommend this course and I look forward to the results.”

Junior Campbell – Review

“Great content – Detailed and easy to grasp”

“I think this will save a lot of startups and small businesses. This is a keeper.”

Virgilio Valladares – Review

“Covers All Aspects”

“Gregg meticulously explains the foundation of small business marketing, and gives you a map so you’ll be able to dig deeper without losing focus. I really enjoyed all the subjects he prepared.”

Rachael Porter – Ohio Public Defenders Office

“Easy To Follow Step By Step Course”

“This is a very good course for a small business owner or business owner just getting started. It covers a lot of areas I was unaware of. It is very easy to follow. Good Course!”

Kevin Clark – K&M Lawn Care

“This has taken our business into a different marketing direction to increase profits, attract quality clients, and retain clients at a higher level. We are very impressed with this coarse and we will be purchasing other courses in the very near future.”

Nikki Leigh – Love Prints Relationship Coaching

“This is a good primer to get you started in promoting your business. I really like the sections at the end of each chapter where you are asked questions and given exercises that will help you begin to formulate your marketing plans.”

Chad Hanysh – MyLoopCard Golf Advertising Scorecards

“Owning a small business is hard work. The every day routine typically leaves zero time to do the important tasks that will eventually lead to your business being a success. Gregg’s program is a perfect resource to gather all your marketing thoughts and actually put them into motion. It will take some effort on your part but you will be rewarded by defining a clear vision for your business. We now take a few hours per week to work on our advertising plan and it is paying huge dividends.”

Kelly Mccardell Cobb – Store Manager Fine Floors

“Gregg presents a step by step method of how to market a successful business. He brings a marketing method that is so easy to grasp and run with!”




What Is Included: Instant Online Access to 43 Free Training Videos (retail price $197).

Small Business Marketing Basics Home Study Course is a step by step course for developing your unique market position, marketing message, choosing the right marketing media, gathering customer testimonials, creating an advertising plan, and implementing customer retention techniques to improve your customer retention percentage.

How to uncover your perfect customer and make them buy from you over and over again!

Too many businesses don’t know who their perfect customer is. Gregg takes you through each step so you can uncover your perfect customer and give them what they want over and over again.

How to create a jaw-dropping marketing message that produces staggering results!

A weak marketing message will produce weak results. Learn how to create a powerful marketing message that will make your prospects get their wallets out.

Where and when to advertise to get a mind blowing return on investment and when not to waste your money!

Don’t blindly through another dime into advertising that doesn’t get results. Find out where to invest your advertising dollars to get the biggest return on investment and how to continually fine tune your ad spend.

How to gather testimonials that make new customers buy fearlessly.

Our you gathering testimonials from your satisfied customers? If not you are leaving money on the table. Learn the power of testimonials, how to get the RIGHT kind of testimonials, and use them to make selling easy.

How to keep the customers you have.

Most businesses spend money to get new customers. But the successful businesses know how to keep the customers once the have them. We outline multiple strategies for keeping the customers you have and make sure they keep coming back over and over again.

Small Business Marketing Basics is for new small business owners who want to reduce the marketing learning curve and set their business up for success. It is also an excellent course for small business owners who’ve been in business but are not getting the results they want out of their current marketing.


This course will walk you through the steps so you have a customized marketing plan for your business. It will also show you how to charge more for your products and services and move you away from the price comparison game.