Single Most Important Thing For Small Business Success!

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Can one thing really change my business…

It is difficult to imagine that “one thing” could make such a profound difference in your small business success or failure.

But this is absolutely the case here. This “one thing” can change everything and give your business the clarity and focus it needs to separate, insulate, and differentiate its self from local, regional, and national competitors whose main goal is to put you out of business.

Create your businesses avatar by identifying your perfect customer…

This “one thing” is creating an avatar of your “perfect” customer. The customer your business is solely focused around marketing and selling to.avatar-image

Successful small businesses all have them. They know who they are, how much they make, whether they are male or female, married or divorced, children or not, income level, what they like to do for recreation. etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Trying to appeal to too wide an audience will make you easy prey…

If your small business is not this laser focused on one group of customers then chances are you too trying to appeal to too wide an audience. This makes your product or service a commodity and you will eventually be priced right out of business. There will always be some big box retailer that can buy it for less and sell it for less. Even if they have to lose money on your specific item until you can no longer complete. The big box retailer will do it. That is their strength and they play to it.

Is your product or service a commodity…

So if your product or service is not aimed at a tight enough niche and you can be price shopped like a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread then there is a good chance you will not be around very long.

You must find a way to insulate, separate, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Doing this begins with clearly identifying your perfect customer, your avatar. This is your strength and you must play to it.

Who is your avatar?