Six Pillars of Local Small Business Marketing


Fed up with marketing that doesn’t work? I know how you feel. I’ve been in your shoes and wasted countless dollars on marketing that didn’t produce good results. That has all changed and I decided to put my secrets into a special report “Six Pillars of Local Small Business Marketing“.

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Inside I lay out the secrets to exploding your local marketing results including:

1) The first MISTAKE small business owners make and how this could put you OUT OF BUSINESS fast!

2) How to ask a PREMIUM PRICE for your goods and services and GET IT!

3) How to develop a LOYAL FOLLOWING of raving fans who want to send you REFERRALS!

4) How to decrease your COMPETITION and grow your business!

5) What TYPE of advertising you should be using and what is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

6) How to INCREASE your traffic and DECREASE your advertising risk!

7) 13 TYPES OF INEXPENSIVE ADVERTISING you should be using to reach your audience!

8) The secret to BUILDING TRUST and credibility for your business!

9) How to use SOCIAL MEDIA to build your business (it’s not the way you think) and how using it INCORRECTLY could piss customers off!

10) The FAST and EASY way to build your business that most small businesses totally ignore!

I am confident this information will make an INSTANT impact on the way you do business and market your business. It took years of marketing in the corporate world to find out what works and what doesn’t, what you can apply to your business and what will hurt it. Don’t make those mistakes and put your business at risk, get my free report now.

Best Regards,
Gregg Zban
Small Business Marketing Professional